Forever living registration is absolutely free but you will be required to buy combo pack of products worth #78,898(Naira). The retail price worth of the products when sold is 43% of the wholesale price. That is(43/100 x #64,938=#27,923.34) Add #64938 to #27,923.34=#92,861.34. This is the suggested retail price(#92,861.34) at which the combo pack bought for #78,898 can be sold for. Getting the combo pack places you on assistant supervisor level and a discount of 5% is attached to any product purchased. When you make supervisor, you are getting 8% discount, assistant manager 13% discount, manager 18% discount.  How do you make money then?  You make money by leveraging on people.  Forever is not about buying products and selling.  Even if you decide to be selling the products, you will still make a lot of money because you are given discount and can set your on price. But,selling is just a small fraction of the business.  The business requires people. Bringing in people who want to invest, live a healthy lifestyle, become beauty consultants with certificates,become professional trainers and coaches, be a breath of fresh air to people that are unemployed and people that want to have an alternative to their current jobs.  Assuming you are an assistant supervisor in forever, if you are really hard working, you should be making #100-150k on monthly basis.  This is because anybody that joins your team the company pays you 18k(per person).  Imagine where you would have brought in 10 people just for that month, that is some money.  Managers in forever are like MDs  and CEOs because they make a lot more if they work hard.  The good thing is that forever is not a pyramid scheme.  An assistant supervisor can earn more than a manager. This happens when the manager did not work at all(working here means bringing in people. Is all  about talking to people). Again the person you registered can still get to a higher level than you, if you didn’t work hard(this means that the person you brought can make manager level before you assuming you an assistant manager.