Do  you dream of a good life? Quality retirement style, opportunity, acquire assets,good health, money. All of this is not beyond us. In our world today,there is: poverty, stress, accelerated ageing and ill health. Job insecurity and job losses, followed by the rat race. Premature retirement  and retrenchment. Low average life expectancy. More than 60% of Nigerian population are poor. There’s what we call a cash flow quadrant,we’ll notice that employees and the self employed which are on the left hand side of the quadrant must come to work everyday before they can earn what is called salary or wages while business owners and investors which are on the right hand side of the quadrant earn money whether they are at work or not(e.g aliko dangote) Which side of the quadrant are you? There’s no job security anymore,people now tend to create jobs for themselves because that’s the only alternative. What baffles me is why some companies(bank) will tell their marketers that has been with them for a very long time to come for interviews. Meaning, if they happen to fail the interview,they will automatically lose their jobs. There’s no job security at all,graduates are finding it difficult to secure jobs,scammers are everywhere taking advantage of them. That is why some smart people have taken the bold step to start creating jobs for themselves because that is the only way out. Working for yourself or becoming you own boss gives you a relaxed mind than working for a company that will wake up one morning and tell you that they no longer need your services. Everybody wants to be rich,that’s quite understandable,but have you seen anybody that is richer than the company he or she works for?The peanut you get as ‘SALARY’ is what the companies consider as ‘EXPENSES’. Forever Living makes your dreams come true. This is a company that is No.1 in Africa. This is a company that compensates it distributors heavily. In forever you get to travel all over the world(expense paid trips), the company gives you a brand new car, you get to live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. Opportunity is in forever living. Please join now with ID:234002079239,registration is free and recruit as many as possible because you will thank me later. Click on the link to join or go to the nearest forever living office with the ID