Forever Living is this door to door selling? No,forever Living Business is beyond door to door selling. The compensation allows you to create passive income without big focus on sales. What is it then? The simplest way to explain it is that you use the products and share it with others,or schedule a presentation to get details. Email us at to help you to do this. Does it matter when someone joins forever living? Are the people who got in before me going to earn more money than me? It doesn’t matter when someone registers their business with forever living products. You can earn more money than i’ve made or sponsors made. It all depends on your performance and development of your business. How much does it cost to register my forever living business? Registration is free. What if i’m working and going to school or doing another job? How can i start a forever living business if i don’t have a lot of time? It is simple. In fact,most distributors started out building their forever living business part time. In this business you work for yourself but not by yourself. You can start by investing 10-15 hours week. What if i’m unable to work for a month because i just won’t have time? Will i be penalized? No,in fact,there was a time when one distributor left the company for 2 years in search of a better opportunity. After realizing forever living was the best,the distributor came back and started working from that same level he made last. How will i need to prepare for the business? I probably need to learn all the products and business. That will take me weeks,if not months! To start the business all you need to do is start trying and using the products. The best way to do it is by purchasing a business pack,which contains over 22 items,a retail value of #83,086,but offered to new distributors for just #70,593. So how much can i make,percentage wise? This question can be better answered in an individual interview planning session. Here are few numbers to give you a rough idea of the compensation plan. (1)You receive income from your personal work starting from 15% to 43% of retail value. (2)You receive 3% to 13% from volume of your personal group. (3)You receive income from groups you and your down line developed,they vary from 2%  to 99% but in different orders. These percentages can be explained better,just ask. What does manager level earn per month? A manager can earn from roughly #300 to #3,000,000 per month. Who becomes successful in this business? People from different backgrounds,different walks of life,and all levels of education have found success in forever living business. What if i am shy or don’t have have presentation skills? Most of the people who started with forever living business had the same concerns. But what forever living does is it helps you grow as a person and develops your skills. Remember you are never alone here. Is forever living business good for anyone? No,forever living business is not for everyone. You must love helping people,have dreams,be passionate about your dreams,and have the urge to make a difference in the world,whatever big or small. It is not for people who want to sit on a couch and watch TV. It is not for people who see problems not opportunities. Ok,so if i want to start this business,what is my next step? Please have your name,email,and address ready. It is the basic requirements to be registered to own a forever living business. image Posted from WordPress for Android